Why we use Komoot to plan our bike trips

Why we use Komoot to plan our bike trips

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We use Komoot to plan their rides for several reasons, as the app offers a range of features that cater specifically to the needs and preferences of cyclists. Here are some key reasons why we feel Komoot is the best app for planning bicycle rides:

  1. Cycling-Specific Maps: Komoot provides detailed maps that are specifically designed for cyclists. These maps include information about cycling paths, bike-friendly roads, and off-road trails, allowing cyclists to choose routes that suit their preferences and skill levels.

  2. Ease of Planning a Route: Komoot does all the hard work when it comes to route planning, you just need to plot your route with a few waypoints and let the app do the rest. You can drag and drop to adjust or add extra waypoints and the route will adjust instantly. 

  3. Terrain and Elevation Information: You can benefit from Komoot's detailed elevation profiles and terrain information. This helps them anticipate and prepare for climbs and descents, ensuring a more enjoyable and challenging ride if desired.

  4. Customisable Routes: Komoot allows users to customise their routes based on factors such as fitness level, preferred terrain, type of bike and desired distance. 

  5. Turn-by-Turn Navigation: The app provides turn-by-turn navigation for cyclists, guiding them along the chosen route. This feature is particularly useful when navigating unfamiliar areas or when focusing on the ride rather than constantly checking a map. 

  6. Offline Maps: Komoot allows users to download maps for offline use. This is essential for cyclists exploring areas with limited or no mobile/data signal, ensuring that they can navigate without relying on an internet connection.

  7. Points of Interest: Komoot highlights points of interest along the cycling route, such as scenic viewpoints, bike-friendly cafes, and interesting landmarks. This adds an element of discovery to the ride and encourages cyclists to explore new areas.

  8. Device Compatibility: Komoot is compatible with various devices, including smartphones and GPS devices commonly used by cyclists. This flexibility allows you to plan and sync their routes across different platforms and devices.

  9. Weather Integration: Komoot may provide weather information for the planned cycling route, allowing you to prepare for weather conditions and make informed decisions about their ride.

Overall, Komoot offers a comprehensive set of features tailored to the needs of cyclists, making it our choice for planning, navigating when on a ride. 

BRAE Cycling Komoot: Brae Cycling (komoot.com)



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