About Us

Who is behind BRAE?

Marco Librizzi has cycled at a top level with - and against - some of the biggest names in the sport. He raced on the Velodrome, representing Scotland at two Commonwealth Games -  Manchester in 2002 and Melbourne in 2006. Among his achievements are: winning a Bronze medal in Manchester as part of a sprint team with Chris Hoy; Craig Maclean and Ross Edgar: 3 Times British Elite Team Sprint Champion.  

Marco was also the sprint coach at a further Commonwealth Games in 2010, helping Scotlands women win a Silver medal in the Team Sprint. He coached Callum Skinner as a youth, Callum went on to win Olympic Gold in Rio 2016. 

But Marco's experience spans much more than competition and the track. It began in the mid-1980s when he completed his school work experience in an Edinburgh bike shop. Over the next three decades, he worked in the bicycle industry for some of the largest UK importers and distributors.

Now retired from competitive cycling, Marco rides for fun – both on and off-road. He enjoys an annual bike touring trip that has taken him to Asia, the Balkans, Western/Eastern Europe and Scotland. These trips provide the perfect opportunity to test BRAE Bags to the limit and also to drink coffee and eat lots of cake.


What is a BRAE?

Brae is a Scottish word for hill. There are many streets in Scottish towns called The Brae. One such Brae is Bells Brae in central Edinburgh; a cobbled 170m (557ft) long climb at 11%. It is a great brae to ride due to its incline and the added challenge of the bumpy cobbles. Descending is another experience, struggling to hold onto the bars over the cobbles!
Many people will have a brae that is a challenge to climb up or whizz down on their bicycle. And why not tackle your favourite brae while carrying your own BRAE bag?

Why choose BRAE?

Marco's goal is for BRAE to offer highly functional products. All BRAE's products are high quality, well made and with a clean design – and are available at an affordable price. The product and packaging are designed to be sold directly to the end user, minimising the need for retail packaging and therefore protecting the environment.
We want all our customers to enjoy a great value product that they will have many years of fun using.

BRAE's motto is 'Ride as often and for as long as you can' and we want you to be part of our vision.